Civil Partnerships

Same Sex Marriages

Same sex couples can marry as of the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act 2014, however before that some people had a legal civil partnerships.  However, relationships break down all the time and it can be difficult enough without making things more difficult.

Civil partnerships can be dissolved, it works very similar to a traditional divorce.  There are finances, children, assets, pensions, property to take into consideration.  Some people claim for different things like an allowance for a period of time to get themselves set-up, this may be reasonable or completely unrealistic.  A family lawyer is required to advise on what is legally correct and help you through this difficult time.

Living Arrangements

Some people are still quite traditional in that the main breadwinner pays all the bills, however if you are separating whether married or in civil partnerships this means the other person (stays at home) may ask for an allowance or part of the person’s pension.  It really can get messy, but hopefully it will not.  The goal for any lawyer is to get the most for their client.

Get Advice

If you’re getting advice about a civil partnership then speak to someone who has experience in this area.  Once legal documents are signed you have made a committment to resolve things and come to an agreement so you can both move on.  If children are involved things may take longer, but you want things done in a timely manner that doesn’t cause hostility or further resentment.

The firm of lawyers we recommend can be found on the family law page of this blog.  They are very fair and will be able to offer help, or maybe recommend you to someone else (if your partner has retained them).  Make contact and protect your assets.